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What is OCC?
OCC (Ouachita Children’s Center) is a nonprofit advocacy organization that provides support services for youth and families in crisis to facilitate a more hopeful future. We offer an emergency shelter and respite care in Hot Springs, as well as outreach programs, case management, and support services in both Garland and Clark counties.
Who is Served by OCC?
OCC serves youth and families in crisis. The average age of the youth served in both Hot Springs and Arkadelphia is 15 and the average grade level is nine. Parents and families are also served through support services in both communities. The shelter in Hot Springs is licensed to care for youth ages 7-17 and, depending on their circumstances, they may stay at OCC up to 90 days. The average length of stay, however, is three weeks.
How is Someone Referred to OCC?
Clients are referred to our shelter and outreach programs by Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services, Division of Youth Services, schools, community agencies and organizations, parents or guardians, and even by the youth, themselves. All services offered by OCC are free.
How is OCC Funded?
OCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation funded through tax-deductible donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, foundations, and grants. Special events to benefit OCC are conducted throughout the year. We also receive a portion of our funding through contracts with Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services and Arkansas Youth Services (juvenile court). These contracts, however, do not cover the entire cost of caring for the youth we serve, leaving us to raise an additional $40 per day per youth (over $245,000 per year), which must come from donations and grants.
Do You Accept In-Kind Donations?
We accept in-kind donations for a variety of items needed in both the shelter and our outreach programs. Due to health concerns, we only accept new clothing, shoes, towels, and bedding. For a current list of items needed, click here to view our Wishlist.
How Do I Register for the Educational Support Groups and Classes?
Our Educational Support Groups and Classes – ACT2 – are free and open to community and shelter youth, as well as to parents in both Hot Springs and Arkadelphia. For Hot Springs registration, contact April Kindle at (501) 623-5591, ext. 215 or email; for Arkadelphia registration, contact Terrence Kelley at (870) 246-8000 or email Click here to view the ACT2 schedules and further information.