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Educational support groups are free and open to both OCC shelter residents and the community. Referrals from schools, juvenile court, and other community agencies and organizations are encouraged. All groups are held either at the OCC Training Center in Hot Springs (339 Charteroak St.) or at the OCC office in Arkadelphia (401 Crittenden St.). Snacks and meals are served in the after-school and summer programs. New classes are added on a regular basis, depending on community needs and facilitator availability.

Garland Co. ACT2 Calendar Clark Co. ACT2 Calendar
S.E.L.F. Anger Management - Ages 13-17
Educational and interactive program that provides relaxation techniques and coping skills, along with teaching how to recognize anger and other emotions. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
The Council for Boys and Young Men - Ages 13-17
Strength-based approach to promote healthy development for boys, and addresses the physical, emotional, and relationship aspects of manhood. Also includes evidence-based reproductive health curriculum. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Fancy Pants - All Ages
Support group that discusses the elements of etiquette. This groups covers topics such as: setting a table, proper posture, appropriate manners, etc. and is designed to raise the awareness of youth in a public setting. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Girls’ Circle - Ages 13-17
Encourages girls in the development of courage, confidence, honesty and communication skills. Also includes evidence-based reproductive health curriculum. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Let’s Talk: A Runaway Prevention Program - Ages 13-17
An evidence-based, interactive curriculum intended to educate young people about alternatives to running away as well as life skills to resolve problems without resorting to running away or unsafe behavior. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Open Minds: A Drug & Alcohol Recovery Class - Ages 13-18
An educational program that promotes freedom from addiction and improved thinking skills so the youth can make smarter choices. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Social Life Skills - Ages 13-17
Educational program that incorporates soft job skills for the workplace. This group consists of activities designed to get young people thinking about, practicing, and discussing skills important for career and personal success. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Street Law - All Ages
An educational program created by OJJDP to educate youth about the causes and consequences of various crimes, help them see the impact of his or her actions, and develop ideas for the repairs that he or she could make. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Youth Council - All Ages
Interactive program that discusses & practices topics such as: brainstorming, advocacy, voting, leadership, etc. This group is designed to be a platform for youth to plan community projects, allow input on our community from a youth’s perspective, educate youth about community resources, & strengthen their support system. Meets weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.
Other groups include:
  • Art / Music Expression
  • Dimensions (Substance Abuse Prevention)
  • Life Skills (Mindfulness)
  • Mind Matters (Resiliency building)

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